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Safety Signs Worth Noticing

Think you know what OSHA compliant construction safety signs looks like? Think again. When workers see the same looking clutter of signs job after job, it’s easy to stop paying attention to them. A big collage of warnings is also just hard to look at.

At Signzilla, we create custom construction safety signs that workers and visitors will notice every day. Everything they should be aware of is cleanly presented all in one place. When it’s unmissable, you can better avoid near misses – or worse.

Fence Screen Provides Privacy – and Opportunity

Construction covers are important for job site protection, as they block dust, wind, and debris while delivering a needed layer of privacy to your project. Choose the level of opacity ideal for your site and the quantity (we offer huge deals on bulk orders).

They’re heavy-duty, easy to install, long-lasting – and totally customized. When your fence screens display even a logo, it can go a long way to raising brand awareness. You can also take it a step further by offering the look of your exterior to a third-party company, or turn your site into your own campaign. Whatever you’re envisioning for your construction covers, the Signzilla team can get it done – from initial concept to delivery day.

Barricade Covers Help Guide Them – In More Ways Than One

Barricade covers make barricades look better. That’s just a fact. And at Signzilla, we create beautiful barricade covers designed with your success in mind.

The durability of our materials is unmatched, and we make sure each one is the perfect fit so it’s easy to install and stays secure. Do you want to tease what’s coming soon? Are you hoping to grow your business by appealing to passing developers? Get in touch with our unrivaled team, and let’s make it happen.

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